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I want to encourage and empower women to live a life of confidence, love, and intentionality. Instead of fretting about our clothes, running late from one more "wardrobe crises," my heartbeat is to help women identify their style, find the pieces that work for them, and cycle the ones that don’t. Helping women embrace their assets and leverage them so they can get onto the business of the day — whatever that may be. Cooking dinner, teaching a class, giving a presentation, selling homes, running a company, running an errand, let’s do it confidently, joyfully, lovingly with intentionality. I’m a firm believer we were made for a purpose. Let’s get after it! If we enjoy it, it’s sure to show. To me, that’s fashioning your world beautifully. That’s what I’m all about.

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For Mary (and for us), a baby changed everything. Regardless of the Pinterest boards Mary may have created with wedding plans, God’s plan was not hers. There was no peace. They traveled rough terrain – at night. The angels declared “it’s a boy” for his gender reveal. The tweets only went out to the lowliest, the shepherds, and the only post was made in the sky. Doors didn’t open but closed to them.

... here’s what Mary really said, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” She basically said, I am yours, amen. She said YES.

Now maybe that is what you would say, but not me. I’m kind of stubborn, 2x4s are usually involved – as in hitting me over the head with one.

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